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3o Min Consultation Calls

Consultation calls are $125 for 30 minutes to ask any questions regarding real estate, business credit, personal, business and investment funding. This will allow me a chance to get to know your business goals and formulate a strategic plan to help you be successful.

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Better Business Consulting Group pride ourselves on building partnerships with our clients to last. A strong foundation is the principle in which we operate with honesty, integrity, vast experience and great prices. We are innovative, experienced and professional.  Send us an email, text or give us a phone call to schedule a consultation.

We humbly welcome the opportunity to work with you to satisfy your consulting needs and to build a business partnership to last. If you need any advice or help, please call our office and speak with us.

Better Business Consulting Group is not only a service, but we are a lifestyle, a way of doing business. We are a BRAND dedicated to building lasting partnerships with our clients based on the highest quality. We are dedicated to using innovative technology to provide our clients with extraordinary experience & quality of service.

Hours of Operation

Monday-Saturday: Call to Schedule an Appointment

Phone: 410-805-1070


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