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Why Us

Better Business Consulting Group love what we do, meeting new people, giving strategic advice to expand your business while helping you become a BRAND. Our firm offers Business Advice, record-keeping, tax preparation, innovative solutions & more to make our clients maximize tax savings, manage cash flow and most importantly operate their business more profitably.

We are a team of Professionals with nearly 20 years in Business Services. Our professionalism and dedication to our craft has allowed us to become trusted advisers and build lasting partnerships with our clients, many of whom have been with us for years. We have a dedicated Strategic Business Director with nearly 20 years in Business Services while managing over $600 Billion dollars in assets for major Government and Corporate firms prior to starting his own practice. Additionally our staff consists of MD Certified Tax Preparers with 20 years of experience in Accounting working for major Accounting firms gaining a wealth of experience in personal and business taxes.

 "Your Idea, Our Strategy, Profitable Partnership”,

Is our mission which provides Business Services and Consulting to both the business community and individuals. We are here to assist in a challenging economy to enable our clients to become more financially successful.

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